Email Security

Behavioural Email Threat Detection powered by Abnormal Security.

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Stop phishing at the front door

Emails present the widest attack surface in an organization and target the weakest link in the security chain: human beings. Users can still easily fall victim to social engineering tactics despite their diligence. Addressing email-based security threats and educating users to prevent them is crucial.

Let's talk about Abnormal Security.

Advanced AI Protection
Leveraging AI-driven behavioural profiling, Abnormal Security detects anomalies and sophisticated social engineering tactics, offering superior protection against complex threats.
Seamless Integration
Direct integration with email platforms like Office 365 enhances data analysis, leading to more effective threat detection and a seamless user experience.
Cutting-Edge Threat Detection
The machine learning models go beyond content to context, unmasking advanced attacks like BEC and targeted phishing, missed by traditional SEGs.
Fewer False Alarms
The precision in distinguishing genuine threats means fewer false positives, streamlining your team's efficiency and focus.
User-Centric Approach
By offering a native email experience and eliminating quarantine folders, we prioritize productivity without compromising on security.
Actionable Insights
Get data-driven reports on your email security landscape, empowering your team with clarity and actionable intelligence.

Get a personalized email security risk assessment

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or cybersecurity professional, it is imperative to continuously benchmark and assess current security measures. This diligent evaluation is essential to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the organization's digital assets remain safeguarded against emerging threats.

Quick time to value

The risk assessment only takes 15 minutes to set up with your email environment:

  We integrate the API directly into your existing email flow in minutes with a one-click set up.

 We work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace without disrupting mail flow.

  You don’t need to change your MX record or policies. Simply integrate and wait for the report.


Once our API is fully integrated, we’ll begin to analyze your email data to uncover potential weaknesses and attack points. We assess your current email environment based on 45,000+ threat signals in order to assess your risk. And while we create your risk assessment report, you can access the user dashboard to live the Abnormal customer experience.


  The number of advanced attacks sitting in your end-user inboxes.

 The risk level presented by each of your vendors.

  Which email accounts within your environment may be compromised.