M365 Security Review

Reducing cloud risk and increase your cyber resilience.

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Secure your M365 environment

In today's digital landscape, security threats targeting Microsoft 365 environments are on the rise. The speed of change has unintentional led to, improper configurations within Microsoft 365 products pose significant cybersecurity risks, leaving businesses vulnerable to breaches and data loss.

  Understanding the risks.

Navigating and prioritizing risks can be difficult while trying to maintain productivity. Sciber offers a comprehensive M365 Review, meticulously designed with insights from Microsoft and CISA best practices, providing a thorough examination of your system's security posture. By leveraging a blend of manual expertise and automated tools, Sciber delivers unparalleled insights to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

 Our methodology.

The process is tenant-based, involving detailed interviews during which we assess setup and post-setup measures, covering Entra ID, Intune, Office 365 including E-mail, and Defender. We scrutinize configuration settings, policies, and workflows. Findings are meticulously documented in a report with recommendations.

  Maximizing your cyber resilience.

Whether you're a private enterprise or a governmental agency, our tailored approach aims to maximize cyber resilience in the M365 environment, fortifying it against a wide range of threats, including phishing attacks, malware infections, data leakage, and more.

This is what you can expect

  Detailed examination of your M365 security posture

 Tailored Risk Mitigation Strategies

  Continuous improvement strategy