A future that ensures your credentials can't be stolen.

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FIDO2's Passwordless Future Ensures Your Credentials Can't Be Stolen

When a company starts using FIDO2 keys, it's like upgrading from a regular door lock to a high-tech security system.

Here’s how these keys make things safer.

Weak Problems
Since we’re not using passwords with FIDO2 keys, all those problems with forgotten or weak passwords go away. No more sticky notes with passwords under your keyboard!
Credential Stuffing
Bad guys can't break into your accounts by guessing or using stolen passwords because with FIDO2, there aren't any passwords to steal. Each key is unique and can't be guessed.
Middleman Attacks
FIDO2 keys create a direct, secure line between you and the website you're visiting, keeping snoopers out. It’s like having a conversation in a room that no one else can enter.
Account Takeover
Hijacking your account becomes much harder because the thief would need your physical key. It's not just about knowing a password anymore. It’s like needing both a key and a secret handshake to get in.
Phishing Attacks
Imagine if every key only worked on one specific lock and couldn't be copied. That's what FIDO2 keys do online. They make it really hard for tricksters to lure you into fake websites and steal your info because the key won't work there.
Social Engineering
It’s tough to trick someone into giving away their FIDO2 key because it's a physical thing you have, not something you know like a password. It’s a bit like trying to trick someone out of their house keys from miles away.

Keep the data safe from cybercriminals by using FIDO2 keys

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