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If your organization has a Microsoft Sentinel deployment and you want to add more log sources and increase the level of automation, we can help. We can also offer a more tailored and capable solution for your Defender XDR.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Increase the level of detection

  • Adding more data with cost control in mind

  • Enabling new automation capabilities in Sentinel SOAR

  • Automate and auto-remediate security incidents by using tailored playbooks for your enterprise

  • Become self-sufficient in data onboarding moving forward

Keep reading to find out more.

Level up with Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDR

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Project Management and best practices:

  • Onboarding of data

    • Review your current environment and find the optimal solution for data onboarding

    • Ingest data from your current environment into Microsoft Sentinel

  • SOAR Playbooks and automation​

    • Automate and auto remediate security incidents by using tailored playbooks for your enterprise​

  • Incident management​

    • Get up to date fast and learn to work with security incidents in Sentinel thus advancing your cyber security program​

  • Reporting and dashboards​

    • Gain visibility by creating custom dashboards and reporting - learn from your data and become better with faster results​

Our approach to succeed with Microsoft Sentinel

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Project Management and best practices:

  • Deploy endpoint agents through Intune or other tools

Detect and respond to threats:

  • Deploy Microsoft standard rules and use our Detection Engineering skills to customize your Microsoft Environment further. Identify more threats with our custom detection rules. 

  • Learn how to do advanced hunting to further increase the value of your data and the solution

  • Integrate with Microsoft Sentinel or other SIEM to act on threats

  • Automate risks and mitigation of those with the combination of conditional access or Sentinel SOAR playbooks

Detect malicious activities with Microsoft Defender XDR

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