About Sciber


We are a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to fighting cybercrime

Sciber specializes in building cutting-edge solutions and services to provide the intelligence needed to stay ahead of adversaries seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in digital environments. With a relentless commitment to innovation and proactive defense strategies, Sciber empowers clients to safeguard their digital assets and maintain a competitive edge.

The name Sciber comes from a combination of science and cybersecurity. We believe in data-driven cybersecurity and focus on research and development to help our clients build a solid security posture. Combining the principles of science with cybersecurity leads to innovative solutions that are rigorous, methodical, and evidence-based.

We see significant benefits of a science-backed approach: greater accuracy, predictability, adaptability, and scalability in cybersecurity solutions. We are committed to continuous learning and adaptation based on the ever-evolving digital landscape.


We are looking for passionate cyber experts