Marco Barkmeijer joins Sciber

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Barkmeijer as investor and Chairman of the Board for Sciber - Malmö, 12 September 2023. With an impressive track record of leadership and a deep understanding of the industry, Barkmeijer’s appointment brings a wealth of experience to the organization.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades in the industry, Marco has consistently demonstrated his exceptional strategic vision and profound ability to drive growth and innovation. His strategic insights and in-depth knowledge of market dynamics are poised to steer Sciber towards continued success and innovation in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.Marco Barkmeijer, Chairman of the Board, Sciber

"I am thrilled and honored to join the team as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Sciber," says Marco Barkmeijer. "I look forward to working closely with the talented team and contributing to the company's growth and prosperity in the coming years."

The Board of Directors and team at Sciber are excited about the knowledge and experience Barkmeijer brings to his new role. His appointment marks a significant step forward in the company's journey and reinforces our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients and stakeholders.

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Fagerström
Sciber AB
+46708 928 092

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Sciber is specialized on building cutting-edge solutions to provide the expertise needed to stay ahead of adversaries seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in digital environments. With a relentless commitment to innovation and proactive defense strategies, Sciber empowers clients to safeguard their digital assets and maintain a competitive edge.