Flexible MDR service provides customers with strong protection - and helps them grow

Sciber offers a Managed Detection and Response service, MDR, which is tailored to each organization's unique needs - and rewards those who enhance their own cyber protection. "When the customer strengthens their own defense, we lower the price of our service. This drives development for the customer and frees up resources," says Anders Stenwall, COO at Sciber.

Despite organizations investing significant resources in cybersecurity products such as firewalls, intrusion prevention, and endpoint security, recurring ITporträtt hires-001 attacks and intrusions occur with significant damage as a result.

An MDR service is a form of external security service that creates an additional layer of protection, offered by specialized providers to help organizations detect, analyze, and respond to cyber threats in real-time. It includes, among other things, monitoring of the organization's networks, systems, and applications around the clock to identify unusual activities or deviations that may indicate a security incident.

MDR from Sciber stands out

Sciber has extensive experience in cybersecurity solutions and offers an MDR platform and service that in several respects distinguishes itself from other solutions on the market. It works with research and development in cybersecurity and combines it with comprehensive global threat intelligence to provide its customers with strong protection, even against future threats.

"Customers who come to us often already have some basic security solutions in place. Regardless of what they have and which providers they have chosen, we can tailor our MDR service to them rather than the other way around. This also lowers the cost for the customer," explains Anders Stenwall.

If the customer chooses to further strengthen their cybersecurity, the cost of Sciber's MDR service will decrease over time.

"When the customer improves their own foundational security, it means that our MDR service will be less burdened. Then it's also entirely logical for the price to go down and resources to be freed up for more strategic work. It becomes a very good engine for making improvements and working more on the strategy to further strengthen security," he says.

The customer owns Sciber's MDR customization

An important part of Sciber's MDR offering is that the customizations made according to the customer's existing operations remain with the customer, even after the collaboration ends.

"All customizations are made in the customer's own environment, not with us. This allows the customer to benefit from them in the long run, even if they were to switch service providers in the future," says Anders Stenwall, concluding:

"Our MDR service is proactive and helps the customer continuously improve and strengthen their own cyber defense. It creates a stronger operation for the customer, which we are happy to contribute to."

Source: Dagens Industri, https://www.di.se/brandstudio/sciber/flexibel-mdr-tjanst-ger-kunder-ett-starkt-skydd-och-far-dem-att-vaxa/